In AMA we know our lands and slopes, our climate… letting us choose the best land for each plantation, depending on the fruit needs. This way it can grow in the best conditions to offer you the best quality, taste and unique textures.

We own six fields – La Matilla, La Dehesilla, Valdevicor, El Pino, Nutrisol y San Marcos – all of them in the Province of Zaragoza, as well as a modern conservation wharehouse based in Calatayud.

All the fields are located in areas recognized by their quality, such as Cariñena, La Almunia, Calatayud and Caspe.

These fields have previously undergone a detailed study to guarantee compliance with the strictest requirements, letting us obtain a high quality product. We all work according to the same principle: First, we decide what to grow. Once it is chosen, we find the most suitable land for each variety and type of fruit, so that it can grow and ripen in the best conditions.

‘Ama fruit in love! is fruit from the High Mountain of Aragon, the best fields to obtain the best fruit.’


Because of the exclusive geographical zone, that combines a Mediterranean and mountainous climate, our clients can be offered unrivaled quality fruits.

AMA invites you to visit and enjoy our plantations, each one of them with its own personal and particular charm.






San Marcos