AMA Peaches

AMA Peaches

Product data sheet

Our peaches AMA have excellent quality and flavor due to mountainous microclimate and nutritious soils that help to develop big size fruit with high level of sugar.

Our yellow skin peach is grown using the technique of peach bagging making our fruit grow healthy and protected from any type of insect/pest and bad weather conditions.

We know that all fruit has beneficial properties for our body but especially peach for being rich in carotene, vitamin C and selenium is considered as one of the best fruit.

  • Variety:

Yellow skin – Tirenia, Catherine, Romeo, Babigold, GF58, Miraflores
Red skin – Rich May, Ruby Rich, Royal Glory, Rich Lady, Elegant Lady, Sweet

  • Sales months:

From the end of April to mid-October.

  • Packaging:

tray 50×30, single-layer, cardboard
tray 60×40, single-layer, cardboard
basket 10×1


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