From the core of the High Mountains of Aragon

Ama is High Mountain of Aragon due to its origin

In AMA we know our lands and slopes, our climate… letting us choose the best land for each plantation, depending on the fruit needs. This way it can grow in the best conditions to offer you the best quality, taste and unique textures.

We own six fields – La Matilla, La Dehesilla, Valdevicor, El Pino , Nutrisol y San Marcos – all of them in the Province of Zaragoza, as well as a modern conservation wharehouse based in Calatayud.

All the fields are located in areas recognized by their quality, such as Cariñena, La Almunia, Calatayud and Caspe.

Estas fincas han sido sometidas previamente a un exhaustivo estudio, con el objetivo de garantizar el cumplimiento de los más estrictos requisitos que nos permitan la obtención de un producto de máxima calidad. Siempre trabajamos de acuerdo a un mismo principio:

First, we decide what to grow. Once it is chosen, we find the most suitable land for each variety and type of fruit, so that it can grow and ripen in the best conditions.

‘Ama fruitinlove-01  is fruit from the High Mountain of Aragon, the best fields to obtain the best fruit.’

Ama is Fruit inlove-01

Because it takes care of you and advises you. We share our secrets with you. We want you to enjoy our fruit, managedwith care and attention. Special for you to feel good. Be an AMA lover now.



High Mountain of Aragon

Ctra. Madrid – Barcelona, km 239
50300 Calatayud (Zaragoza)

976 882 047


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